Lady And The Trash

Creamy was named at birth because she was almost completely white, like froth on a cappuccino.

It’s not immediately noticeable but she only has one ear. Before her eyes were open she wandered off from her birth mother who pulled her back by grabbing her ear which became a casualty of the rescue.

Her hair is impeccably silky. She is groomed daily and showered once a week.

Energetic and inquisitive, Creamy is a delight to onlookers but an occasional trial to her doting human.

“She only eats the best food; when I eat steak she eats steak, when I eat fish she eats fish, but when we go out she’s always looking for the trash,” he said, a hint of loving despair in his eyes.

“I think I accidentally taught her to swallow faster because I’m always taking trash off her.”

Right on cue, Creamy runs past with a fish carcass from the scraps bucket and the chase is on.

Story and photographs © Danielle Berryman 2022

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