Travelling With Brush Strokes

Dreaming of escaping to balmy places while cold and dripping wet after being caught in a downpour the timing was perfect for a soul-warming experience. The antidote to my ennui was an exhibition in Fremantle’s Moores gallery of 147 watercolour paintings from 15 countries. A chance to adventure in the mountains, along riversides, into villages and cities, linger in the warm sunlight at a Spanish cafe or climb the rigging of a tall ship, then return to the domestic comfort of children at play, flowers and fluffy kittens. There were Zen moments – the eerie peace of a swamp house; … Continue reading Travelling With Brush Strokes

Brett’s Lunch Bar Adventure

Brett Leigh Dicks’s favourite photograph in his Lunch Bars of Perth exhibition makes him homesick for California and the Mojave Desert. It’s the quality of the Great Victoria Desert light framing the Hay Street, Kalgoorlie lunch bar that creates the feeling. Brett’s exhibition of over 40 images evokes a sense of delight alongside an appetite for Aussie burgers, meat pies, chips and international fare. Each lunch bar’s character is unique, shaped by owners and staff, menus, locations, signwriters … and local customers. Brett’s photographs illustrate colourful sparks of life in bland urban landscapes, serving up humour, whimsy and intrigue amongst … Continue reading Brett’s Lunch Bar Adventure