Travelling With Brush Strokes

Dreaming of escaping to balmy places while cold and dripping wet after being caught in a downpour the timing was perfect for a soul-warming experience.

The antidote to my ennui was an exhibition in Fremantle’s Moores gallery of 147 watercolour paintings from 15 countries.

A chance to adventure in the mountains, along riversides, into villages and cities, linger in the warm sunlight at a Spanish cafe or climb the rigging of a tall ship, then return to the domestic comfort of children at play, flowers and fluffy kittens.

There were Zen moments – the eerie peace of a swamp house; the sense of gliding along a river in a wooden boat – alongside awe and excitement – the explosive orange heat of an erupting volcano; the pounding waves of a coastal storm.

It was no real surprise to find mountains in two of the New Zealand paintings but fascinating to compare the artists’ different takes on the subject side by side.

For those who appreciate a well-hung exhibition you’ll find it here, with equal opportunities to enjoy individual works up close and the overall effect from a distance.

Perhaps bravely, the paintings are being exhibited uncovered – no glass – which allows a deeper understanding of brush strokes and techniques, according to WA Watercolour Society president Susan Payne.

The society has been promoting the medium to artists and the community since forming in 1980.

The exhibition is in the Moores Building Art Gallery, Henry Street, until June 26.


Instagram: @watercoloursocietywa

Story © Danielle Berryman 2022

Photographs © Danielle Berryman 2022 (upper) and Roger Garwood 2022 (lower)

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