Fire On The Water

A boat fire in a pen at East Fremantle’s Aquarama Marina resulted in one person being treated by paramedics before being transported to hospital. Firefighters arrived at the scene shortly after the fire started at 9am but were unable to prevent the boat from sinking. Picture: Danielle Berryman

The fire burnt for over over an hour before being extinguished.

Firefighters work on the vessel which had burnt to the water line (RG)

The boat’s moorings had burnt and the vessel had drifted through adjoining pens. Nearby boats were mildly damaged but firefighters, supported by four trucks, prevented the fire spreading.

The submerged hull of the burnt out vessel in the Aquarama pen (RG)

About 100 people watched as firefighters controlled the blaze. Sections of the reserve and riverside walk were closed. Dense smoke prompted parents and children to leave a playground at the nearby Norm McKenzie Park. 

Morning exercisers take a break to watch the fire (DB)

Debris from the blaze floated downriver. A Department of Transport response team attended and cleaned up toxic waste and advised people who had touched debris to clean their hands.

A team from the Department of Transport clean up waste from the waterfront (RG)

Story © Danielle Berryman 2022

Photography © Danielle Berryman (DB) and Roger Garwood (RG) 2022

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