Exploring the ‘hood, Bali style

There’s not a great deal more satisfying than strolling around with a camera and shooting up the neighbourhood. 

I’ve recently, in fact for a long time, found the work of many photographers inspiring. Simon Cowling for his precise graphic images and Brett Leigh Dicks for his style and projects which involve exploring anything from deserted prisons to atomic test sites and more recently lunch bars.

My preference is for pictures which are complex, where colours, textures and graphic content attempt to make a simple image but don’t quite get there. I like to disobey the conventional rules and do aim for complex arrangements. I’m currently in a little port town, a RoRo ferry harbour in Bali, which on the one hand has a constant stream of trucks creeping in and out of the harbour entrance and on the other hand a very traditional lifestyle tucked away.

I stay in a ten buck a day hotel, with includes breakfast. I lug my laptop to the beach where I do a bit of work between cold beers. And sometimes I wander around the town simply for a walk and to take a few images of the local shops and little warungs. This is a selection of pictures which fit my way of seeing some things and show the laidback character of the town. 

The town is packed with small stores, each with its own style.
A small laundry on the beach road.
My hotel’s laundry. It’s free!
One of my favourite doors. Its character changes daily.
The coconut husks on the wall are used by local people for cooking over a BBQ style grid. The flavour it imparts is beautiful, especially in fresh fish.
I included this to keep Simon Cowling happy.
This is the local motorbike mechanic’s workshop.

Story and photographs © Roger Garwood 2022

Link to Brett Leigh Dicks story and photographs: reporters.net.au/2022/06/07/1888/

Brett Leigh Dicks – Website: www.brettleighdicks.net; Instagram: @brettleighdicks

Simon Cowling – Website: www.templedog.com.au; Instagram: @cowling.simon

One thought on “Exploring the ‘hood, Bali style

  1. Simon Cowling and “Temple Dog” bring back good memories for me. We crossed over in work environments. A good photographer.

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