… ’til The Cows Come Home: Roger Garwood

I’ve known him for years but have no idea of his name. We sit and chat and don’t understand a single word of each others’ language.

But Cowman as I refer to him in my mind spends his life tending to his small herd, four of them and, currently two calves.

His cows live in a small homemade shed propped up beside the pathway which leads to a local beach.

Most mornings I try to take a few bananas to feed the ‘Daisies’, skin-on is their preference. I call them all Daisy and they are the healthiest cows I’ve seen.

Most days my friend leads the team along the pathway to an area where they can happily graze the fresh shoots from overhanging trees. 

Story and photographs © Roger Garwood 2022

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